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Horses for Sale or Lease

We get it.


Buying your own horse can be an expensive proposition.


Lease a Horse


You can ease into equine ownership by first leasing one from First Flight Farm. We have horses available for your immediate consideration. Our lease agreement is a one (1) year commitment which will allow you plenty of time to see if future ownership is right for you.


A lease means that you can ride your partner horse at shows and train on First Flight’s property. Naturally the horse stays on our farm during the length of your lease. You will so enjoy the many benefits of riding one horse; building a rapport with your steed that is second to none.


During the leasing period, you will be responsible for the cost of maintenance (shoeing, worming, and board etc) for the horse. Another prerequisite is that you enroll in one of our training programs.


Lease before buy. Makes sense, right? Take your first step toward leasing today.

Horse Sales

Although First Flight Farm’s primary business is not selling our horses, we do on occasion offer the opportunity to purchase one of our animals. We will post advertisements should such a moment present itself.

If you have an interest in purchasing a horse from another source, check with us as we can recommend other reputable barns for your convenience.

First Flight Farm - Montcello, FL
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