Training & Shows


All lessons are 45 minutes to an hour.

Lessons will be conducted as privates or group lessons with like - level students.


If leasing or owning a horse, the horse may be ridden in place of a missed lesson.

Single Private Lesson - $65 (once a week rate)

12-Lesson Package - $440-8 lesson/$540-12 lessons$720-16 lessons/month (no carryover to the next month) extra lessons/rides will be added to the following months bill.

Training Rides - $50/ride

Includes grooming, tacking up, riding, cooling out, ground supervision while schooling over jumps.

Lease of Lesson Horse at shows- $150/day

Miscellaneous Services


Schooling and show days -$45 for schooling days if paying the 12 day or more lesson package. otherwise it is $75 on schooling days and $75/day per show day (per horse/rider combination)


$45/day for second horse/rider combination.

Expenses – Expenses are split evenly between all horse/client combination.


Expenses include

  • tack/grooming stalls

  • hotel fees

  • any additional travel expenses

  • a $25 per diem fee

  • shipping is by horse and mileage: $1 a mile


Shavings will be put on each client’s stall to be paid with their entries

Groom Expenses – $150/day  for 5 or less horses and $200/day if 6 or more horses split evenly between all horse/client combination, hotel and food.  If you commit to a show a do not give more than a 30 day notice you are not going you are still  responsible for the groom, rv, and  trainer hotel split.  And any nonrefundable horse show expencesses. 

If client wishes to go to a show alone the fee is $150 a day plus the above expenses.

Mane Pulling - $35
Show Clip - $25
Full Body Clip - $200 (includes bathing & any tranquilizing medications)
Hunter Winter Clip - $160 (includes bathing & any tranquilizing medications)
Hauling to Vet + Handling - $60
Local Hauling & SHJA Shows - $45 / trip
Injured Horse Care - $20 / day plus cost of supplies
Horse Exerciser - $10 for 2 or more horses /$15 for 1 horse a time

First Flight Farms is a full-service horse training facility that is geared toward riders who are interested in the equestrian show jumping niche. We service all levels of jumpers with a variety of programs that will elevate your riding skills regardless of experience. We’ll work with you to develop very specific annual goals to catapult you to the next level. While we encourage riders to have their own horse, we do have a leasing program where we take great effort in pairing the appropriate horse to rider.

We offer professional and friendly expertise. Give First Flight a try.

First Flight Farm - Montcello, FL

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